About Us

Sissy Bars.. It all started in 2002 because I was outraged at the price of a decent sissy bar and even more outraged at the quality of a cheaper one. My goal was to make the lowest cost sissy bars on the market while keeping a high standard of quality.

Our units are now made from high grade stainless steel then polished to a mirror finish to compliment the best chrome jobs, without the chipping, pitting and peeling. Hence, our slogan.. Lean On Me.

Luggage.. Eight years ago we produced our first set of saddle bags for the same reasons we started producing the sissy bars. Knowing we could do better for less! As with all our products, they have improved over the years because we use it and we listen to our customers.

Materials.. In the beginning, in order to keep cost down, we used what is known as Top end Split Leather. A hide can be 6 or 7mm thick and can be sliced into numerous layers . Premium is the top with fur while split is the meaty lower cuts. The lower the layer, the less the quality.

Now keep in mind that Mother Nature never intended for the lower layers to get wet, which meant higher maintenance to keep it looking new. Through a friend who makes high end saddles, I got a recipe that I found is far superior than any lotions or oils I’ve tried. I offer this at half the price of any other but I still saw bags that were not being taken care of. Some had never been under cover, or had anything put on them to preserve the finish.

If the bags look bad, we look bad so I had to do something about it. After trying different materials we came across a tech Leather which is now used for marine and auto roofs. We subjected this material leaving it out in the weather for six months. Eureka! It worked. Although it’s more expensive than split leather, it’s worth the cost to know they take little maintenance and look better for longer.

Now that you’re armed with some facts, ask yourself how long you plan on keeping your bike. If the answer is more than a couple years, go with Bibble Bar.

I get many calls from buyers to thank me for delivering more than they expected. That’s a great comment that I want to continue getting.

Thank you for your interest and don’t forget to keep the shiny side up. If you have any questions, I’m always available. I’d rather talk to you than write to you.