Customer Comments

These guys are fantastic and you would have to go a long way to find better service anywhere and the quality of the product is great. If you are after A1 aftersales service and a great product without breaking the bank you will not find better anywhere. Thanks guys.

Hi Joe,

Just wanted to say thanks again for today. I have to say, that was the best customer service response I have had period. You’ve won a customer for life. It’s refreshing to talk to an honest bloke for once. Most of the time these days you get the run around from importers or some impersonal response from a call center.

It’s a rare and special thing to talk to the bloke that actually makes the product. Made my day mate.
Keep it up.

Hi Joe,

I know it’s been a while but I thought I would let you have some “positive gossip”.

I took my Harley Sportster in for it’s first service this week and it was given the ‘treatment’ by the Perth Harley Dealership.  When I picked up the bike the Service Manager came out with me as he wanted to chat about the Mini Chest I bought from you.
They were really impressed and asked for your contact details – which I was pleased to give him.  He said he had rarely seen such well build luggage and wanted to know what the range was!  I pointed him in the direction of your website of course.

Thanks again for great service, price and quality.


Hi Joe,
thought I would offer feedback on my detachable bags.

It took me a while to fit them because of finding the longer bolts I needed. My bolts are 8mm thread and the aperture of the lug is 10mm. My perfinicky nature would not let me put 8 into 10. So I hunted around for shoulder bolts, but could not find the length. At last inspiration struck and I used the 10mm sleeve from a dyna bolt, perfect.

Now fitted, they look great. Excellent workmanship and true value for money. I have used a number of different bags over the years and your bags more than hold their own in style and quality. A good solid mount system prevents any rattle and will easily carry an adequate load.

I now have the best of both worlds, I can keep my bike naked or if going away or shopping just clip the bags on and Bob’s your uncle.

I am very happy and many thanks for a great product.
Dave – Adelaide.

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I would like to thank you personally for the speedy delivery of my windscreen. It arrived with a week to spare for my holiday, it’s fitted and I love the results.

Suits the bike rather well I think :)

I’ve added a photo, please feel free to use it if you wish.

Kind regards,
Dave Dowley

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Hello Joe,

I just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” for allowing my husband and I to visit you to have a look at your products.   Your help and advice was greatly appreciated!  

As you know we purchased your Saddlebags with removable brackets, the Rain Suit, the Turn Signal relocation License Plate and also the Registration Holder and I must say I am totally thrilled with everything.

I am so glad you suggested the License Plate for re-locating the Turn Signals as I was really concerned about drilling into my brand new XVS650.  It all went without a hitch and looks so much more professional than drilling into the Fender.  

The Saddledbags look absolutely awesome and I love the versatility of being able to use the bags when I go to work and then being able to take them off if I go out for a ride with the boys on a weekend.  They have been the subject of many compliments!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to make great looking products which are of such a high quality!

Regards Janette

PS. I have attached a photo that you can show to any other customers that have a 2011 Yamaha XVS650, if they want to know how it all looks!

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Hi Joe
Some photos of my 2007 Kawasaki VN250 Eliminator with the Transformer sissy bar, rack and mirrors. Very happy with them all!


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Hi Joe,
sending photos of finished work to include in your gallery as you wish. I’m very happy how it all looks and looking for an opportunity to do some touring soon.

Thanks once again for a top product at the right price :-)

Kind Regards,


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Just like to give you feedback on the Bibblebar bag I purchased off you.

My wife and I have just been on a long trip and the bag was great. Easy to attach to the bike, took plenty of gear and looked good.

The latch system is also great. Easy to use, suits the whole cruiser appearance and enables you to lock the bag for security. I hate the clip under the fake buckle thing and this system gets away from that but still maintains the ease of use. Well done!

I almost wish the bike didn’t already come with panniers as I would have preferred to use Bibblebar panniers as well.

I will attach a photo of the bike with the bag while we were on our trip. Keep up the good work.


Hi Joe,
I just wanted your readers to know what a great product you sell and a great service you provide. I purchased a Sissy bar from you awhile back that was a surprise for my husband, Nigel’s birthday. I had no idea what I needed to look for and sent you all the bike details which you in turn advised me if this was the right product for us. He was rapt with it and it looks great on his bike. 

We were in Mandurah (South of Perth) recently when someone stopped us and asked if this was your product. He was very impressed and told us that he recognized it from the flames and he’d been looking at it on your website for some time trying to get the courage to order over the net.  I informed him that he couldn’t find a more helpful friendly service at his corner shop than you provide. I don’t know if he ever purchased one but I thought this was good advertising for you. Anyway, once again, Thank you for making the surprise possible and wishing you continued success in the future.

Vicky (Perth WA)

Hi Joe,
It was strange getting your news letter because I was just thinking of you at the time.  Must be an omen.  As far as your sissybar goes, I hate it.  My friends hate it also.  They hate it so much that 4 of them purchased one.  One of my mates bought a new XVS1100 and removed the original sissybar to replace it with yours.  He then sold the Yamaha sissy on eBay for more than he paid for yours.  I get lots of good comments on your bars.  They’re different and people love them. Thanks for all your help.

Larry – Sydney NSW

Hi Joe
I am responding to your letter requesting photos and recommendations.  I am more than happy with your product, and would be happy to talk to potential customers.  I fitted the sissy bar and luggage rack to my 1991 fatboy and attached a photo, I mounted the bar a bit forward and as low as possible to lower the centre of gravity when I have the rjays explorer rack bag on, the bag sits very securely and sits well, it just means the passengers have to be thin and beautiful to fit between me and the bar… I have received good comments about the bar here and will passing on your info, thanks for your product.

Wayne – Gunnedah NSW

Hi Joe
Thanks for the news letter and glad to hear things are going well for you.  I don’t see why they shouldn’t.  I have a mate who wanted one of your units but would not send money or purchase anything over the net.  When I saw that Link International was distributing your product I told him.  He went to our local bike shop and ordered one through them.  He paid $250 more than I did but still thinks he made the right decision.  He’s one of these people who can justify any mistake he makes.  I have a couple other guys I ride with thinking about getting one.  With your offer I’m sure I can convince them.  Mine is almost 3 yrs old and looks li8ke the day I got it.  There’s no substitute for quality.
Thanks Mate

Andy – Victoria

Hey Joe,
Just thought you might like to hear this.  My neighbor and I have birthdays 2 days apart, so we combined our party to one big one.  In a drunken state we decided  to put sissy bars on in case the brakes wanted to go on one of our outings. I chose your units while my mate decided to stay with the original.  Whenever we stop and people stare, they always comment that my bike looks better.  I mean always.  He paid more than twice as much as me and still cant figure why my bike is more popular.  Identical bikes with the exception of sissy bars.  What do you think? Thanks Joe

Col – Rockhampton QLD

Hi Joe
It been a while but I thought I would drop you a line to give you the heads up of the amount of “WOW” that has the girls feeling really sensational when out riding on the bike, looking just as good if not better!  The comments of “Nice bike & love your sissy bar!” really finishes off! Where did you get it? How much does it cost? “WO” I’m going to check that site out for sure!  And it goes on and one!  Mind you, I for one just the attention that the bike gets when we pull up at a stop for a quick bite as such!  Hubba hubba! Thanks again for all your help in providing such a fantastic sissy bar that is for one ** a true blue ** Australian Made ** product that is second to none!  (Just thought I would share that little piece of info with you)…Cheers….and all the best to you and your team…..Love Julie

Hi Joe
Just a short note to thank you very, very much for the sissy bar that I purchased from you for my wife’s 2008 VN900 Kawasake cruise.  Mate we could not be happier and the quality and finish is A2 and your price was well and truly below anything else that I looked at.  If anybody wants a recommendation feel free for them to ring me at any time as again we are more than happy with it and the way it fits to the bike is just perfect.  I looked at one’s from the States but again they were way to expensive and your don’t know what your getting until I arrives.  Thanks Joe for your great service and we will keep in touch.  Regards

Roger & Penny

Hi Bro,
to answer your question I have only been to work with it so far, distance wise that is around 38km each way.  However, when you consider that most of that is in peak hour traffic ( and I am not a lnae splitter) I can be sitting on the bike for anything for up to an hour at a time and as you know you do tend to slouch after a while.  I have to say that so far as my back is feeling much more relaxed when I got home that it used to be before the rider’s rest was fitted.  It keeps me sitting up straighter and supports me better when I am accelerating,  I no longer have to hang on to the handle bars for grim death to stop me from sliding off the bike so that means that my grip is more relaxed as well and when you have arthritis in the hands that can only be a good thing, as far as I am concerned it is a 100% success.  It looks great, it does what is was designed to do, it is considerably lower in price that its competition, you don’t have to import it which makes it cheaper still and it give your bike a little bit of style that turns heads (I have had several comments at traffic lights and I know its not me they looking at).  So if you get anybody that wants to talk to someone who has one give them my number I will be only happy to give them the good oil mate.


Hi Joe
I purchased a Transformer Sissy Bar from you a couple of months.  You may remember the bolts were not quite long enough so you kindly sent some longer ones.  Anyway finally got around to taking a few photos (the weather in Perth was atrocious).  Just wanted to say thanks again for the high quality product and service.  The important thing is it looks great and is quite different to anything else on the market.  A mate that has the same bike bought his with a factory fitted sissy bar but thinks the Bibblebar gives the bike a more customized look and the pad is much better.  Also your  after sales service was very impressive.  Feel free to use the photos on your site or for reference to assist other VN900 owners.
Kind Regards

Spence Davie

Hi Joe
Just a quick note to say thank you for quick supply of sissy bar rack and saddle bags I ordered off you.  The Bibble Bundle Package was  great value for money and I am so impressed with the quality and ease of fitting.  I have already started recommending your products to my mates.  I have also attached some photos of my Suzuki C50 for you, if you care to use them for promotion of your products feel free.  Once again thank you.

Travis – Canberra

Hi Joe
It’s been nearly a year and the sissy bar still looks great, mind you it has a bag to carry to work every day, but I am very impressed with it even after a winter. Thanks

Jim & Joe Bowen – Queens Park WA

Hi Joe
I have never taken the time to write to a company because I expect to get what I pay for.  You, however, surpassed what I expected. I purchased your Bibble Bundle amost a year ago for lesds than my neighbor paid for his sissy bar alone.  Because we live near the sea, his sissy bar is already starting to pit and his expensive saddle bags are starting to sag.  However, all the gear I purchased off you looks like the day I put it on.  The vest, the saddle bags, the backrest and rack, the rego holder, tool bag and even the T-shirts are of the highest durable standards.  The funny thing is, I did not really want the sissy bag but as it turned out, I am using it all the time now.  I can hold more on my bike that I can in my car.  This is very handy as my lady and I love camping.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Jeff  Butler

Dear Bibblebar
Just a quick note to thank you for all your help and for producing such a quality product.  Your after sales service is impeccable and your eagerness to satisfy is such a breath of fresh air in today’s climate.  I also enjoyed the clip of Joe performing on the instruction DVD.  What a talent! What a product! What a company! Thank you so much!

Heddy Simpson – SA

Hello Joe
Thank you for sending the CD.  We fitted the sissy bar, rack and bags and it looks fantastic.  I am really happy with the overall quality and finish of the products.  I cannot recommend this product enough to anyone that will listen to me.  Thank you again it looks fantastic on my bike,  I have attached some pixs for you as I am so happy.

Denis – Cairns

High Guys
Just received your bundle package and put it all on my bike.  My wife says I am acting like a child on Christmas day.  I don’t usually do this but I just have to thank you for such a sale.  I was worried buying online because I have been ripped off on occasions from other companies who would not respond after sending me things that did not work.  You, however, were there for me all the way and sent quality I never expected.  I don’t know how you do it, but keep doing it.

Rod & Bev

Hey Boy’s
Your Bibble Bundle is beautiful and a better buy to a bloke from Balmain is unbelievable.  It’s the best bargain bob ever bought. Bob from guess where?

Hint – NSW