Business Opportunity

Sales from the web are common place today, but there are many who want to see and touch before they buy. Most of my sales are web based although I do have walk ups (By appointment)

I have a showroom but I don’t have 9 to 5 open hours. I open when someone wants to come by.

If you have the room to display our products, you can have your own business.

If you have $10,000 sitting in your account collecting pittance as interest, you could more than triple that sum on a regular basis with little effort. You can have local dealers buying from you. That will give you a residual income.

All distributors will be listed on our website to drive customers to you and you will receive a substantial discount on all our products. If you want to know more, Just give me a call.

Hope to hear from you.


Phone 0427 943 302